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April 15, 2024
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The Ultimate
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Q. Do I require any special skills to set up your service on my website?
A. No, even the most inexperienced web user could setup our tracking system on their site due to the full automation of the software we use

Q. How long will it take to set up the software on my site?
A. After signing up it should take less than 5 minutes to get the tracking system working on your site, (Plan A members) you will only have to enter/add the code given to you (automatically by the software) into your pages and then re-upload and the software will begin counting. Plan B members don't need to add the code as they can use our links.

Q. How many sites can I track?
A. Both Plans are unlimited, every page each tracker code is on will combine them, to track separate pages separately simply add another url with the full url of the page, e.g Traffic-Log.com, second url Traffic-Log.com/faqs.php. Plan A is for Website owners only, who have to place a code on their pages, Plan B is for owners and Affiliate marketers, who can add affiliate links, and the links can be shown in a page with a small header, like a url rotator or without the header.

Q. What payment Processors do you use?
A. At the moment we only use Stripe. Contact admin if you want to suggest another processor.

Q. Will my personal info be kept private?
A. Yes, all personal info is used only by Traffic-Log.com and will not be sold or given to anyone for an reason. please see our 'Privacy Statement'.

Q. I never received my 'verify E-mail', what do I do now?
A. Simply use the contact form and state your username and E-mail. We will resend it for you.

Q. My subscription was suspended, what should I do now?
A. Simply goto our 'Reactivation' page HERE. and your account will be set to 'Paid' when the new subscription is confirmed by admin.

Q. Will I be obligated to Traffic-Log.com for any period of time?
A. No, you may cancel anytime you no longer need our services.

Q. How do I delete my account?
A. If you really want to delete your account use the contact form and confirm your details, also tell us why you want to be deleted so we can improve things. Confirm all details including your password and then we will delete your account. Please note that when we remove an account all data, downline and any commissions (if any) are lost forever.

Q. If I have a question that is not listed above what should I do?
A. You can use the contact us link to send a E-mail to us, we take pride in customer service and will get a response to you A.S.A.P